Bathroom Services in Muttontown

Working bathrooms are a super important component of the house. Faucets, water supply, showers, tubs, and every single component should be working for a comfortable experience. No one would want to get locked in with such disruptions.  For this reason, ZAX Plumbing brings complete plumbing solutions to your bathroom. With the availability of our local office in Muttontown, we have all the resources and expertise to take care of the complete bathroom services anytime, anywhere.

Bathroom Repairing and Remodeling Services

Our bathroom services are aimed at providing repairing services and changing the complete lookover of the bathroom. The clients can get the bathroom repaired or upgrade the entire set up. We have all the resources from choosing flooring options, paint colors and textures, lighting options, repairing venting paths, plumbing solutions, leakage problems, installing shower pans, toilets, bathroom fans, and vanity and mirror setup. In short, we are a single yet complete bathroom solution for our customers.

Home Improvement Professionals

ZAX Plumbing works with the top-notch team of technicians of the town. Having earned certifications and licenses from reputed organizations, our work is insured, and we assure maximum security for our clients. Together with the adequate knowledge and required resources, our experts have the entire prerequisite to carry out the repairs, installation, and remodeling work. In doing so, they are also able to handle all the plumbing and electrical aspects of the system to ensure that the solutions are durable, effective, and last longer.


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